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unlimited request

This is a follow up from this post.

If you are requesting something, please post with the following:

Picture link:
Banner or Icon: (also the size if its a banner :)



Lol I thought these icons would never see the light of day! Yet here they are :D Ready for new homes.

-Comment if taking.
--Credit when used.
---Textless are NOT bases.
----Feel free to criticize.
-----PLEASE do not hotlink.


Tutorial #2

Well in order to save bookmark space, I decided to make this tutorial.

Credit goes to likedejavu  for making the original in PSP8 over here. With the help of jellyfrog  in this post I was able to do this. Also thanks to valliegurl  for posting it! Yes, so in other words, this tutorial isn't really mine, I just made it into friendly format.

From this:   To this:

I'd love to know what you guys think, and what you got. :D

Tutorial #1

Let me know how it works! I'd love to see results.

Zoolander Icons and 2 Banners

Seriously, who doesnt love Zoolander? I live by this movie.

Forgive me for teh lack of update, more to come soon. I love vacations!!

-Comment if taking
--Credit when used
---Textless are NOT bases
----Feel free to criticize.
-----PLEASE do not hotlink.

another cut for teh prettyCollapse )


Award Post



Its been awhile since I posted. And I have good excuses! School...and all that.

So...I am taking UNLIMITED request tonight. Link me to all the pictures you want, what you want...and I shall make them!

Trust me...I've gotten alot better :]

They're bringing Sexyback.

Contrary to popular belief, I did not banish from the face of the earth. :D
-Comment if taking
--Credit when used
---Textless are NOT bases
----Feel free to critizize.


[mood| accomplished]

Read the picture. {:

Be back in a week :]

-Comment if taking
--Credit :]

Yayy I finally managed to do things with font :]
Resources Post


NOTE: I am taking requests. Leave a comment with a HQ image link and I will make it pretty :]

Like what you see? Feel free to add this icon journal :]

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